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bring your sound into the world
high quality wide stereo sound with analog and digital synthesis special field recordings
key - words:
synaesthetic, retrofuturism, science fiction sound art, ambient, vintage, synthesizer music.... equipment of:
Roland, Korg, Crumar, Quasimidi, Alesis, Yamaha, Kawai, Wersi, Spea, Ensoniq, Siemens, Dynacord, Asus, odds and ends
Attribute Value Description
autoplay autoplay The video should start playing as soon as possible. Please note that this option may fail on mobile browser and the user will have to tap for the video to begin.
controls controls All available controls should be displayed (Play, Pause, Seeking, Volume, Fullscreen, Subtitles and Track).
loop loop The video will start all over again when finished
muted muted The audio of the video will be muted
poster URL Provides an image to show before the user hits the play button and the video is loaded
preload auto
Recommendation for the browser about loading the video content
src URL Specifies the source of the video file
width pixels Sets the width of the video player
height pixels Sets the height of the video player

Ellen Allien (MAGMA 2006, Tenerife) Grimes at SxSW 2012 Vienna 2013-07-12 'central garden' - Blublut feat. Colin Webster 078 Pamelia Kurstin